Written Testimonials

For years I have struggled with my mental illnesses. I see my therapist and take my medication, but after my last relapse nothing seemed to get me back up on my feet. After reading “Beyond Blue,” I took a leap of faith and joined Project Beyond Blue. There I have found courage and hope from others who are also struggling. Therese created a site for people, like you and me, where we will feel accepted, not judged. Project Beyond Blue has done more to move me forward in in my recovery than anything else I have done. I log into this wonderful site and interact with “friends” from all over the world who support me, encourage me and embrace me with so much caring. Now there is a place where we are all unconditionally welcomed.
—Martie, New Jersey

Most of what I know about treatment-resistant depression and living and coping with chronic mental illness, I learned from Therese Borchard and the endless heartfelt, heartbreaking, and heartwarming stories from the warriors in Group Beyond Blue and Project Beyond Blue. It continues every day – I know these are places I can go for respite care, humor, empathy, comfort … helping me to offset the bad moments and days with moments of inspiration, companionship, occasional clarity, and most importantly, hope for better days to come. Therese and the courageous GBB/PBB warriors have helped put words to my fears and feelings, pulling them from the silent dark recesses of my past and present. The benefit I derive from reading, sifting, applying and integrating the posts on Group Beyond Blue and Project Beyond Blue is invaluable.
—John Diehl, Tampa, Florida

I found Project Beyond Blue shortly after I was released from the hospital after a near-successful suicide attempt. The stories and the material on the site helped save my life.
—Jeff Duggan, Twin Falls, Idaho

Project Beyond Blue has given me hope and a relief to know that I am not alone.  The stories feel like mine.  I feel priveleged to be able to be a part of this site.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
—Gina, New Jersey

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