About Project Hope & Beyond

About Project Hope & Beyond

Project Hope & Beyond (PHB) is a program of Psych Central Community Connection, a nonprofit run by Psych Central, the Internet’s largest and oldest independent mental health social network. PHB is an online community for persons with unrelenting depression and anxiety, as well as their families and friends who want to better understand them. Its purpose is to offer support and hope to people whose conditions are lasting or difficult to treat, those who often fall through the cracks of today’s healthcare system.

It was founded in 2014 by mental health blogger Therese Borchard to fill a need for persons who are treatment resistant--who have not responded to countless medication combinations and alternative therapies-- and have challenges unique to other people with simpler mood disorders. Inspired by her heroes Mother Teresa and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, she wanted to turn her pain into service and create a network where people with treatment-resistant depression could transcend their suffering by reaching out to others with similar frustrations. PHB has enjoyed enormous growth from the day it was launched and continues to grow each day moving forward.

Due to an intellectual property claim, Project Beyond Blue changed its name in March 2016 to Project Hope & Beyond.

Together there is hope!

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